How do you take your lemons

Life is filled with surprises, not all the ones you were anticipating. So when life deals you some lemons are you a sour puss or do you make lemonade? My being an optimist I choose lemonade.

If you are honest with yourself and think back in your life at some tough moments, you know when the lemon juice got right in your paper cut, you had choices to make. Hopefully, when you were met with these choices, no matter how hard, when you reflect you see the positive, the lemonade.

Today we have a new month beginning, the start of another weekend, don’t be sad and waste the day saying where did July or the summer go, instead plan a wonderful August. Most of our daily battles are created from our own prospective. Embrace the moment, the day, notice the little wonders all around you.

Being bitter, a tart lemon, makes you miss the beauty and transformation to the lemonade!


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