The Nest is Empty

It has been a week since we started the journey of dropping our youngest off to college.  We successfully unloaded the car with the assistance of seven volunteers and she set up her dorm as she envisioned.  It was fun to watch all the Freshmen arrive, check in and the parents who joined them.

The biggest shock is I didn’t shed a tear, the week prior I was weepy , ok crying like a baby.  It was great to feel the peacefulness of her being ok .

In true spirit of embracing our empty nest, we left the  University and headed for the airport!  We went to Boston for a quick 40 hours, two games at Fenway, explored parts of Boston we had yet to see and did the Harvard Steps.  The trip was fun and we laughed a lot and we enjoyed all our firsts as empty nesters.

The house does not feel quiet to us, we have been so busy we have yet to truly embrace being home alone!  We are saying yes to more, making travel plans without worry who will be left home alone, and as a family we are embracing another milestone!



College move in countdown is on….

The count down is on, our youngest moves in to her dorm Friday morning. I had my breakdown last Wednesday, mostly tears of joy, pride and hard to believe how fast it all went. I cried thinking of how proud my parents would be of all my children, my husband, our life as a family and as a couple. I cried tears of excitement as to what is on the horizon for us “Empty Nesters”. I guess I cried so much my wonderful hubby booked us a flight out of dodge, so once we set her up in her dorm we hit the airport for our first official Empty Nester getaway!

This week I think is harder on the youngest, good-bye’s to friends and her best friend the realization she will be apart from them. She is overwhelmed with excitement to set up her dorm and enjoy suite life with three new friends. She has done most of the shopping, packing, planning and I am so proud. This evening she fell asleep on the couch, to me she looks like the toddler who always cuddled up, but I see the young lady who is ready to embrace college life and all that it has to offer.

I’m certain I will shed a tear (or a bunch on Friday) but racing to the airport is a great start to the first time in our married life we will not have children living at home. I will be a mom until the day I die, but after 29 years of children living at home I too am eager to embrace all life has to offer.

I look forward to the whole gang together for Thanksgiving, the newlyweds, us, the youngest will all embark to Dallas to hang with the middle child who we do not see enough of. We will spend Thanksgiving at the Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles game, sight seeing, and many photos will be taken so this silly momma can create a Christmas Card. Let’s slow down……. I have an exciting Empty Nester weekend ahead of me 😉

The youngest and our senior chocolate lab ~ napping
The youngest and our senior chocolate lab ~ napping

That’s Mine!

A little reality check to all moms to be out there, your toddler will learn these words around the age of 2. The difference between the toddler, siblings and spouses when this phrase is said, it is actually about an item they are claiming.

I’m going to let you in on a secret as to what is actually yours, dirty laundry,dirty diapers, dirty dishes, and any other dirty item in the house. If you want to hide something put it in the dishwasher with the clean dishes, nobody will touch it!

Consider yourself warned and smile, it all goes by quickly.

Happy Hump Day!

Mommy Dearest …….

If you are old enough to remember the movie, you will understand the photo of hangers. Lately I have felt like “Mommy Dearest”, I have not screamed or threatened any one in my home with a beating for using wired hangers but why oh why do they multiply?

I purchase endlessly the same type of hanger, I hang all the clothes distribute them to the bedrooms. When I pick up the dry-cleaning, I try to be prompt in removing those hangers. When I’m on my best game I return them for #recycling. Yet this morning as I was putting away laundry …. there they were taunting me, hanging in yet another closet!

It will be my endless pursuit this fall as I will be an empty nester to defeat the takeover of the metal hanger.

Happy Friday!

My thoughts on Heaven

Last night I watched the movie, Heaven is for real, based on the true story of Colton Burpo, the four year old boy who visited heaven during surgery.

When my mom was dying I had told her I hope she would be able to peak down and see us on occasion as milestones in the family were happening, etc. She held my hands and said that would not be heaven, to be able to see those she loved in pain, or suffering would not be heaven. To see happy events and to miss the physical beings would be heartbreaking. She promised I would always feel her love, receive signs that she is with us. At the time it seemed cruel but it is true. Everyones heaven is a little different, it is their paradise, pain free, filled with love, light, the Lord and Angels.

The movie is simple and straight forward but really hitting home on your faith and beliefs. I believe in God, heaven, hell, and all that my catholic faith has taught me. I have grown to have more faith in my beliefs the older I get. During this film the father also a Reverend realizes he has been preaching, teaching and praying but never quite grasping it all.

I have lost both my parents from this earth and have comfort of their eternal peace in heaven. This is not to say losing them was painless, or that I don’t think of them daily. My human self misses them some days so much it hurts, my faithful self finds peace in an eternity in the kingdom of heaven.

My wish for all is that whatever your faith is that you have faith ~ Peace and Blessings.

How do you take your lemons

Life is filled with surprises, not all the ones you were anticipating. So when life deals you some lemons are you a sour puss or do you make lemonade? My being an optimist I choose lemonade.

If you are honest with yourself and think back in your life at some tough moments, you know when the lemon juice got right in your paper cut, you had choices to make. Hopefully, when you were met with these choices, no matter how hard, when you reflect you see the positive, the lemonade.

Today we have a new month beginning, the start of another weekend, don’t be sad and waste the day saying where did July or the summer go, instead plan a wonderful August. Most of our daily battles are created from our own prospective. Embrace the moment, the day, notice the little wonders all around you.

Being bitter, a tart lemon, makes you miss the beauty and transformation to the lemonade!