Stay-cation or Getaway

What kind of vacationer are you?  Can you make the most of your home and local area to make a day at home feel like a getaway?  Do you need to be completely removed from all things at home to disconnect and unwind?

We like to have the best of both world.  We learned as newlyweds, young parents with a budget how to make the most of having fun at home.  Way back when the term “staycation” was yet to be born.  It is a great gift to be able to unwind, have fun and still wake up in your own bed without prices at the pump or traffic taking their toll on your day.  It doesn’t take much to pack a picnic lunch, some beverages, hit your yard, or waterways turn on the music and have fun!

We equally love our vacations and getaways.  These take more planning, scheduling, if kids are joining us, boarding the dog etc.  In our new role this fall as empty nesters our goal will be mini vacations, overnights, or a few days away.  

The best part of whatever you decide is to embrace the day and the company.  So much joy can be had in a few hours, days, or weeks away.  It really is a  mindset.


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