Revolving Door

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  We had the newlyweds on the East Coast for a visit which included splitting time between both families, seeing friends, having friends over and a wedding.  The hub bub of excitement was a lot of fun.

The youngest has received her dorm and roommate assignment for college.  The shopping has begun for all things needed for the small confines of dorm life.  She moves in one month from today.  She has been coming and going with HS graduation parties, work and summer living.

In the crazy of it all we had a fun family Sunday dinner which included face time with our middle child living in the lone star state and her boyfriend.  It is not my ideal way of having everyone at the table together but I would not change it for the world.  In the excitement we planned and booked our tickets to Texas for Thanksgiving and will attend the Dallas vs Eagles game.

We will not always be under the same roof, but the family is always together in the heart and thankfully to technology we can call, text, FaceTime and stay in touch.

It has me thinking of how busy the house is right now and in thirty days it will be quiet.  I am realizing that when I wake up I will be planning the day with myself first.  It will be the first time in 29+ years that the Mommy will be Michele.  It is hard to imagine that hubby and I can come and go without worry of who is at home.  It does not take away the worry of our children but it makes us feel like kids coming and going!






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