Sands of Time

Home from vacation, it was a fun girls trip and gave me a lot of time for fun and reflection.  It was only the second time in my marriage I have ever been on a vacation without my husband.  I cried when he kissed me good bye at the airport terminal, but was looking forward to time with our youngest and our two girlfriends.

I cherished the early morning sunrises, watching the waves in the Sea of Cortez and strolling Medano Beach.  One morning as I returned from my walk and I tried to step in my own footprints I found it uncomfortable and awkward.  It had me thinking the whole day and still days later.

The sands of time are every moment of every day.  I was no longer the person on the return of my walk as I was when I started the journey.  My meditation and reflection allowed me to embrace all that I love of my life and gave me insight to some changes on the way.

I promised myself to allow, embrace and enjoy all the changes that are coming our way.  The trip enriched my love and appreciation for my husband and all that our love encompasses.  

I look forward to walking hand in hand making new footprints and seeing where our love and adventure will take us.



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