I am headed on vacation this coming weekend. It will be my second girls trip in my life. I get anxious leaving part of the family behind. I worry about decent meals being eaten, getting the laundry done, taking care of the house, yard and dog. It might go back to my being a bit of a control freak when it comes to “My Office”, some of you might refer to it as my home.

The last few days as I try to get everything in order I realize. I’m so lucky, I will have seven days of a staff putting all my needs first. They will cater to my every whim and this being a “girls” trip I’m certain there will be a few.

I will wake, stroll the beaches, enjoy the pool, admire the beautiful flowers and have decadent meals prepared for me. The villa will be cleaned for me and I will not lift a finger less I choose to. This part of travel brings me great joy, the part where I treat myself like my family. I put my needs, wants first without any guilt.

I will miss my husband and my home. Hopefully he will miss me and all the little things I do to make his day so smooth on the home front. I hope to come back fully rested and recharged because then then our son and daughter in law are coming to visit. I’m looking forward to seeing them, but lets be honest I will need all my energy to cater to their every need!

I am going to refer to this trip as a culinary inspiration for my Cantina, it sounds so professional!


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