Marriage is like a handed down recipe

This weekend we are empty nesters, our youngest is off visiting the eldest and his new bride, hence the newlyweds and our middle is busy living life and working hard in the lone-star state.  So as hubby is driving the recent HS grad to the airport, I am preparing dinner.

These are thoughts that came to me.  Marriage is like a recipe handed down over time.  It is an institution we go through great lengths to join.  In the beginning we live off love, our rose colored glasses are on 24 hours because we are finally together, going to show the world a thing or two thousand! lol …….

When first married, I had one, possibly two types of oils and possibly vinegars in my cabinets.  The meals I made were out of love and error and yet every night my husband ate it up saying it was the best ever.  It was not the meal at the table, but our lives intertwining ever so and blending everyday.

So today as I was cooking, my mind wandered as it often does and then people sImageay share that recipe and I do.  They say I don’t like garlic or cilantro or pepper etc…. Well here is the secret…….  The recipe is not binding, it is not perfect for every pallet, it should be adjusted with love, tried a few times for perfection for your home, faith and life.  

That is the secret to cooking, living, loving, marriage, raising kids, aging parents, empty nesters, take the recipe from those you admire and love and then perfect it for yourself so when you pass it down, the same can be done!

Bon appetit and wishes for a life filled with love, faith, family and fun!


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