The art of gifting …..

ImageReceiving and giving a gift should bring great joy to both the recipient and the giver.  Over the years the list seems to grow to and the gift purchasing becomes a chore.  What is the age that you stop gifting to a relative, friend, neighbor etc.?  

We had this discussion with friends a few weeks back and it really got to me.  There are times I buy a gift for someone because when I see it all I can see is the recipient just loving it or enjoying that I thought of them for no particular reason.  It is much better then shopping, getting aggravated while trying to spend the appropriate amount of money on people you have but not a clue of what to give.

One of our social circles has decided we see each other all year, have a blast together etc but the gifting is for the kids only.  We have decided for our birthdays we will split the cost of a night out with a limo, dinner, and an event.  Sometimes we skip the gift and decide to give to someone in need of it.  Lord knows there are so many in need right in our own town, state, country, and hospitals.

I think a card on your birthday is a great way of people letting them know you are thinking of them.  A gift is a wonderful gesture as well, but it should not feel as an obligation or an expectation.  We celebrate Christmas and as our family has grown and grown the boundaries have become blurred.  This is why I think help Santa out, spoil your children and spouse, gift the food pantry in your community instead of running crazy to buy gifts that seem unwanted or under appreciated.  

We have gifted over the past years to complete strangers, whose struggle we have learned of and they have no idea who helped them out and to friends that didn’t ask but could use it.  Those are the gifts that make our heart so happy.

So save some green, this year, send a viral video, pick some flowers, and just send wishes.  Most will be thankful you thought of them.  If not you will be thankful you didn’t burst your budget on gifting.  Plus if you have kids, they are always in need of those extra bills lying around in your wallet!

Let me know your thoughts, no presents required!


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