Fathers Day

Fathers Day is rapidly approaching.  It is a day that brings much reflection.  My father passed in 1993 almost 21 years ago, shortly after our daughter was born.  He had been sick but had rebounded so many times I wasn’t really expecting it.  The greatest gift prior to his death was our daughter being born six weeks premature.  He was able to meet her before he passed 10 days later and we have one photo of them together.  She will never remember him, but I remember being on the phone all night with my parents, making my Dad promise he would stay healthy to meet her.

It is often said a woman marries a man like her father.  I happen to agree, perhaps not when I was younger but now most definitely.  My husband and my father were both born on September the 8th (obviously different years), my father was Italian my husband Irish.  My father was more vocal and louder then my husband, but both got their point across.  My father was loyal and loving to his family as is my husband.

He was always kind, respectful and loving to my father and now has the same compassion with his dad.  He changed his office location and is able to spend and give of himself to his parents.  It endears me.Image

The gift I hope my husband receives this year and daily is to realize we couldn’t love him more for the man he is.  He loves us unconditionally, provides for us emotionally and financially.  He is filled with love and compassion without end, he is a man of faith, generosity and the ability to give of himself.

Our son was married this year so he gets an additional child to love and care for, our daughter in law.  He often talks with our son , they discuss life, work, sports and never hang up or say good bye without an “I Love You”, or a kiss when in each others company, what a legacy to give your son.

Our oldest daughter moved out of state this year after graduating College.  He never tried to steer her from her dreams but encouraged her, offers her sage advice as far as business, home buying and life.  I can only pray the man she marries follows the life of love she receives from her Daddy.  She has been raised to believe in herself no matter her dream and deserves a partner to take the baton and run with it.

The baby of the family just graduated HS, she is currently following his career path.  He is excited and teaching her the importance of internship and guiding her as he did her sister and brother.  He is endeared to come home and hear about her day and what her plans are.  The same as when the older kids call.

That same man, my husband always has time to make me feel like the most important woman in the world.  He makes me feel smart, beautiful and always has time for me.  This fathers day and each day I try to give back to him what he gives to all of us.

If you are blessed enough to still have your father with you, share your love, your time and if it has been awhile make the call!


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