The Aging of America

We are living longer.  There are many stats to support it, however, if you open your eyes you see it everywhere.  The gym is filled with middle aged to older adults, bars, restaurants etc.  Technology is right on this as our phones and screens are getting larger, target audience being middle age.  This often brings many concerns, have we banked enough, who is going to care for our aging parents and ourselves as we age.

It brings me to my question I often like to ask, “Would you rather lose your mental awareness or your physical ability?”  If you lose your mind it is tough on your family.  If you keep your mental faculties and watch your body deteriorate it is harder on yourself mentally.

The importance of this question is to raise awareness, your planning for your age, to let your spouse and children know what you would want in certain situations.  To ease the guilt for your caregivers should you really need full time care, nursing home etc.

It is not a negative question or meant to be a downer but yet to create animated discussions prior to it becoming a reality.


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