Image OK so now you know the truth of my struggles.  I have been wanting to blog about a few things but I have been BLOCKED!

The more I think about the cause a few things come to mind.  I have listed them perhaps you can give me some feedback on how to get around them but as for now, they are taking over my thoughts!

The first and foremost why is it no matter which lipstick I decide to wear it won’t stay on my lips?  I do however struggle to remove it from every water bottle and glass I use…… Just writing it has me drifting off on the dilemma.

My dog is aging, he has trouble going for walks, getting up on the sofa, but why he is sleeping he trots for miles!  He is a snoring trotter, unbelievable. When he awakes he is bleary eyed and now I know why he limps but I don’t think he does.

The summer season is upon us, we wear less clothing, spend most of our days in swim wear and my laundry has doubled?!  Seriously, where is it coming from?

Summer reading list, why does it exist?  Did it start from elementary school and carry over to adulthood?  Everyone posts that it’s finally summer and they have their list of reading material. We are adults can we not read for enjoyment all year round?

I’m off to reapply my lipstick and throw another load of wash in the machine, then I might get crazy and do some summer reading.



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