Growing Pains

ImageGrowing pains and empty nester in training seem to go hand in hand.  Growing pains are often referred to our children and their vertical sprout.  Our youngest is a few short days from HS Graduation and I have been wondering which of us is suffering the most.  

She is growing in to a fine young lady.  However, she still has the illusions that we do not know what HS students are up to prior to graduation, some silly decisions, some aches and pains and thankfully for the most part trying to gauge her inner compass due North.

This being said as parents we to experience growing pains.  The ability to allow our offspring to spread their wings as they aim for the mountain as we pray at the last moment they soar before crashing.  We must give them room for error should we want them to grow, and soar.

I have been faced with a decision to confront or take a pass and wait for occasions that are non negotiable.  I have decided to go with the 24 hour rule.  Self explanatory, in 24 hours should it still be haunting or daunting a conversation is a must.  These 24 hour spurts have allowed me to absorb, rationalize and plan.  These my friends are the growing pains of parents.

So to the parents of children born in 2014 and someone says just think HS graduation in 2031!  You think it is lightyears away, it’s just years of growing pains, hopefully most are pain free and you can laugh about them.


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