I’m so alarmed

Image The youngest has finished High School with graduation around the corner.  These are exciting times in our home.  It has recently dawned on me I no longer have to set a clock to make sure that anyone is up in time to get to the bus or up early for school events.  

To be honest I’m not sure the last solid night sleep I had being the mother of three.  I was never the person who slept in.  I am alarmed, built with an inner timer that says its morning get up!  If I think about the schedule ahead for the day I will be up before any alarm will go off.  My inner alarm clock also works for travel that involves leaving in the middle of the night.

I may have to give thought on how to learn to sleep in, at least past 6am.  This does not have to be a daily ritual because I do enjoy sending the hubby off to work with a kiss.  I would love to learn to reset my “inner alarm” perhaps for the weekend, if only one day.  I give thoughts to sleep camp, where they infuse the air with the perfect amount of lavender scented oxygen and some sleepy gas.  I’m not certain what I would do with all this extra sleep but a girl likes options.

Were you born alarmed, or with a built in snooze button?  If you are a snoozer do you wish you could wake up ready for the world?  My thoughts are learning toward NOT a chance.



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