Ripples of our dreams….

Image  If you were to ask me if I were living the dream, my answer would be yes.  When I say I am living the dream, I am talking of the dreams my husband and I had as we started our lives together.  As I reflect back on our dreams I compare our marriage to throwing a rock in the water.  We jumped in together hands clasped and our dreams are similar to the ripples in the water from the rock.

We have had a ceremonious 2014.  Our first born was married, our middle child graduated college and is employed living on her own and now the youngest is graduating high school.  These are ripples of our dreams as we lay in bed each night wondering the kind of people they would become as they grew.  

Excited for them as they are on to new phases in their lives brings a sense of melancholy and pride.  We are looking forward to the slower ripples, thinking of when we are home alone together,  but we also thrive on the exciting current each ripple creates.  As our youngest prepares for college this Fall, our dreams will grow, currents will change, but dream on we will.  

Life, there is no guarantee for tomorrow, so enjoy today and dream tonight, should you be blessed to wake tomorrow you will be living the dream too!


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