Who are you when nobody is looking?

The age of social media, it allows freedom of expression to a whole new level.  We get to see what our friends and family members are doing, catch up with their kids, animals and interests.  It is fun to share all the wonderful things going on in our lives and to ask for help when we are in low times.  It has me thinking, who are  you when you can’t post it, tag it or share it?

Do you stop to write a note of thanks to someone to give thanks for their friendship, do you hold the door for the person who is struggling?  Are you able to enjoy random acts of kindness knowing in your heart how wonderful it feels to make a difference and not need the acknowledgement?  If you are a person of faith you know somebody is always watching. 

This year I am focusing more on charitable actions, not just monetary but the ones that involve my getting involved.  I will not be posting each act I do but if I come across a cause I will share it.  I will give others the opportunity to make a difference.  I am focusing on kind thoughts, kind words and giving thanks.

So browse your social media, check out what is going on in your community, and go out make a difference and enjoy the day.  Giving of yourself is the best gift.


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