Importance of PlayDates

ImageSo as empty nesters in training we are at the stage of enjoying where we have been and looking forward to where our adventures will take us.  When our children were younger we had all kinds of schedules, including play dates.  We all know the importance of socialization.  That becomes even more important as the children fly the coop and it’s just us love birds.

Today, we will head out for some fun and adventure which will include viewing the Kentucky Derby, dinner out and some other adventures will unfold before us.  We enjoy keeping our love alive and having fun with one another and it all stems from the vows we took over 23 years ago.

No matter what stage of a relationship you are in enjoying each other is a key ingredient.  So remember what you loved when you were little, jumping in puddles, running through the rain, walking on the beach, finding shapes in the clouds and laughter ~ then grab your significant others hand and go do it!

So log off your devices and go enjoy what the world has to offer you!




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