I’m so alarmed

Image The youngest has finished High School with graduation around the corner.  These are exciting times in our home.  It has recently dawned on me I no longer have to set a clock to make sure that anyone is up in time to get to the bus or up early for school events.  

To be honest I’m not sure the last solid night sleep I had being the mother of three.  I was never the person who slept in.  I am alarmed, built with an inner timer that says its morning get up!  If I think about the schedule ahead for the day I will be up before any alarm will go off.  My inner alarm clock also works for travel that involves leaving in the middle of the night.

I may have to give thought on how to learn to sleep in, at least past 6am.  This does not have to be a daily ritual because I do enjoy sending the hubby off to work with a kiss.  I would love to learn to reset my “inner alarm” perhaps for the weekend, if only one day.  I give thoughts to sleep camp, where they infuse the air with the perfect amount of lavender scented oxygen and some sleepy gas.  I’m not certain what I would do with all this extra sleep but a girl likes options.

Were you born alarmed, or with a built in snooze button?  If you are a snoozer do you wish you could wake up ready for the world?  My thoughts are learning toward NOT a chance.



Ripples of our dreams….

Image  If you were to ask me if I were living the dream, my answer would be yes.  When I say I am living the dream, I am talking of the dreams my husband and I had as we started our lives together.  As I reflect back on our dreams I compare our marriage to throwing a rock in the water.  We jumped in together hands clasped and our dreams are similar to the ripples in the water from the rock.

We have had a ceremonious 2014.  Our first born was married, our middle child graduated college and is employed living on her own and now the youngest is graduating high school.  These are ripples of our dreams as we lay in bed each night wondering the kind of people they would become as they grew.  

Excited for them as they are on to new phases in their lives brings a sense of melancholy and pride.  We are looking forward to the slower ripples, thinking of when we are home alone together,  but we also thrive on the exciting current each ripple creates.  As our youngest prepares for college this Fall, our dreams will grow, currents will change, but dream on we will.  

Life, there is no guarantee for tomorrow, so enjoy today and dream tonight, should you be blessed to wake tomorrow you will be living the dream too!

Who are you when nobody is looking?

The age of social media, it allows freedom of expression to a whole new level.  We get to see what our friends and family members are doing, catch up with their kids, animals and interests.  It is fun to share all the wonderful things going on in our lives and to ask for help when we are in low times.  It has me thinking, who are  you when you can’t post it, tag it or share it?

Do you stop to write a note of thanks to someone to give thanks for their friendship, do you hold the door for the person who is struggling?  Are you able to enjoy random acts of kindness knowing in your heart how wonderful it feels to make a difference and not need the acknowledgement?  If you are a person of faith you know somebody is always watching. 

This year I am focusing more on charitable actions, not just monetary but the ones that involve my getting involved.  I will not be posting each act I do but if I come across a cause I will share it.  I will give others the opportunity to make a difference.  I am focusing on kind thoughts, kind words and giving thanks.

So browse your social media, check out what is going on in your community, and go out make a difference and enjoy the day.  Giving of yourself is the best gift.

Those Shoes, I want them, I need them, but can I ever fill them………

It’s been a tear filled day for me.  My tears have been of joy, sadness, dreams, and the scope of the shoes I’ve alway wanted to wear.  I love a great pair of shoes, however, Carrie Bradshaw I am not.  I long to be the little girl who plays dress up in her mommy’s shoes.  I long to be her only because my mother still walked the earth at that time.  

I remember the shoes of early motherhood.  They were busy, tired shoes, long days, longer nights but happy feet.  My shoe choice might have faltered to sneakers but I wanted to run from child to child to never miss a moment.  I loved slipping in to dress shoes on the weekends and being the mommy, the woman, but we were eager for slippers, quiet shoes to slip from room to room to kiss tiny foreheads.

My closet of shoes have allowed me to walk many paths. I loved wearing my Mother of the Groom shoes, it brought back the days of my wedding shoes.  My father walking me down the aisle, my mother looking onward.  There are people that walk this earth that say shoes are not important, I beg to differ.  The designer may not matter but the path is one of a kind! 

My shoes have been to many countries, visiting my children, touring with my husband, leaving my mark.  My boots were made for traveling when our middle child uprooted the nest and moved to Texas.  Those boots were not strong enough to stop my tears of pride or my tears of longing when I left so she could leave her footprint in the world.

My next set of shoes, will be the pair that will unpack the youngest at University this Fall.  They will be smart, fashionable, forgiving with a comfortable sole ~ kind of like me.

As Mothers Day approaches, I miss the banter of my children under one roof, the sound of my mothers shoes, the laughter of her heart and her tears at our accomplishments.  I long to fill her shoes, to be a strong, proud, loving woman …… I think often I am so close, then the Jersey Girl in me ditches her shoes and runs barefoot in the sand ~ now that leaves an impression!

Importance of PlayDates

ImageSo as empty nesters in training we are at the stage of enjoying where we have been and looking forward to where our adventures will take us.  When our children were younger we had all kinds of schedules, including play dates.  We all know the importance of socialization.  That becomes even more important as the children fly the coop and it’s just us love birds.

Today, we will head out for some fun and adventure which will include viewing the Kentucky Derby, dinner out and some other adventures will unfold before us.  We enjoy keeping our love alive and having fun with one another and it all stems from the vows we took over 23 years ago.

No matter what stage of a relationship you are in enjoying each other is a key ingredient.  So remember what you loved when you were little, jumping in puddles, running through the rain, walking on the beach, finding shapes in the clouds and laughter ~ then grab your significant others hand and go do it!

So log off your devices and go enjoy what the world has to offer you!