Enjoying the role of “Mother of the Groom”

I’ve said it a lot over the past year, “I am the mother of the groom”, so there is not much to do.  I say this not because I lack enthusiasm but I am certain, the role of “Mother of the Bride” will be much more nerve wracking, and with two daughters that role will come.

Our son has been living in Ca., the past few years so having him “home” two weeks prior to the nuptials has made the wedding excitement so much fun!  I borrowed a few traditions that traditionally are for the brides, but as we know traditions change and grow.  We had fun shopping and filling his honeymoon suitcase with new attire.  We are hitting the salon for pedicures because no matter your gender grooming is important.  He has been patient with my just loving him.

I have had the pleasure of spoiling him with a few of his favorite meals, even doing his laundry has been a treat.  He has given me the gift of time to just be his mommy and let me indulge him.  This will be the last time he is home as just our son, soon he will be a husband, hopefully a father, such blessings.

So why he is checking off to do lists, I have no stress because I am the “Mother of the Groom”


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