The Traditions are a changing ….

ImageHappy Easter from The Beal Family!  ( wishing our daughter Meghan could be here today)  As our family is growing and evolving so our holiday traditions.  This was the first year in my children’s lives they did not get an Easter basket, hold your tears, the bunny decided to collaborate with Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors and deliver some spring wardrobe gifts.  The “kids” and parents were equally pleased.  

Today we colored our eggs on Easter, thought this will be fun one day when grandchildren bless our family to keep the fun going all day.  We attended mass together, one tradition no matter what country we are in that will not change.  We have a wedding in six days so a lot of last minute lists were updated, completed and a few more added.  We ate well but switched up the menu to a seafood extravaganza.  

Traditions are important, however, you can’t get crazy about it.  My favorite tradition is to have our family together, to laugh, to celebrate life, to share stories and our love.  We will not be physically together for every holiday or everyday living, so the gift is when we are together is to make the most of every moment, to create memories.







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