Half Marathon

Image Yesterday hubby and I enjoyed running a Half Marathon together.  He was a good sport in sticking with me, he has run multiple marathons and is a runner at heart and by nature.  The journey as “Empty Nesters In Training” was completing this together.  We enjoyed the tour of the Rutgers University Campus, were thankful for all the volunteers who cheered on the runners, gave water, gatorade, and those who were playing great music.  We earned our finishing medals, had many laughs, a few aches and pains along the way but enjoyed the journey together.

As our son takes a wife in under two weeks that is the best advice we can offer the newlyweds.  The institution of marriage is a never ending journey that will include, laughter, tears, aches & pains, love (hopefully an abundance of love), but it is a never ending journey that is meant to be travelled together.

We finished holding hands as our names were announced, laughing and smiling at 2:40:20 (pace 12:14) and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way!


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