Confessions from this stay at home mom ….

Confessions from this stay at home mom ….

Ok here goes a few things I do that I hope you can relate to, laugh at or just smile because you ride the guilty bus with me:

After the family is off for the day I go around and clean their toothbrushes to my satisfaction.
(obviously by doing this, they think they do a great job on their own ~ surprise when living on your own)

Some of the family has no problem reusing towels, I just can’t ~ so I wash theirs and hang them back up where they left them.

If I don’t open an email from my favorite designer, or store I do feel as if I saved money that day.

I love getting all the laundry done daily, especially having the items they wore the previous day before they awake ~ just ask the ones who return for a visit 🙂

I get great satisfaction in preparing their favorite meals

I look forward to my husband coming home from work and serving him his dinner #nevergetsold

I can not leave the house unless the beds are made, everything is in its place and the kitchen is clean ~ exception on Tuesdays when the cleaning people come 😉

I cry at commercials and almost every movie ~ convinced my mom has a hand in this from heaven #yearsofteasingher

I balance the bank accounts daily to the penny with my morning coffee

I can get more accomplished in an hour with company coming then some rainy days

I’d share more but I’m off to tennis, a whole other passion that has come in to my life


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