Makeup Challenged

Image Makeup is somewhat of a mystery of me.  I often admire those that wear it so well and have made a few attempts at the smokey eye and dramatic colors.  Unsuccessful sums it up.  I believe my inability lies in my discomfort of changing my whole look.

I am often amazed when in the gym locker room and see the transformation of the young and the old.  I think if you showed me a line up of the faces upon entering and leaving many I would not be able to put together.  I am not against makeup by any means but think it is best worn when enhancing features not sabotaging.  

This conundrum  is upon me as the wedding of my son is in a few weeks.  I want to have makeup on more dramatic then my usual mascara, blush and lip gloss but want to remain with a natural look.  I want to look elegant and not see a stranger in the mirror.




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