“I just want to be like the other kids” ~ says the youngest ………


This sentiment was said by my youngest last week, she is 17, no joke, I am still laughing.  She was asking for permission to do something she knew the answer to, no whining, no pouting, just the above mentioned sentiment.  So I laughed, kindly, and said what makes you think that now at 17 you would be granted permission to be like the other kids now?  Then I reminded her that I love my children much more then all the other parents love theirs ~ hold on, don’t get your knickers in a twist, it is a common response among moms.

It got me to thinking, we have two daughters and a son.  This house is not based on equality at all times, and can be sexist as well.  I believe at various times this benefits both sexes.  However, our love for all three is unconditional.  We encourage all three to pursue their passions, dreams and let them know we are always there for them.

I know someone who has kept a book since birth for each of their children and their expenses so they keep it even.  This had my NON-poker face contorted.  I can not imagine tabulating every penny and making sure distribution is even.  To each their own.

May they always make me laugh, be like the other kids, hahahahahah




3 thoughts on ““I just want to be like the other kids” ~ says the youngest ………”

  1. You sound like a wonderful mom. Because you’re so very wonderful, your children may occasionally try and squeeze more of your ever-present mommy love. We let them do this and we smile. I’m much the same as you. There’s no need to tabulate, it all evens out in the end doesn’t it!

      1. Although, given more thought – the kids do all the tabulating for us. My 15-year-old daughter will often say things like, ‘It’s not fair, he shouldn’t get to do that until he’s 15 like me…” when speaking about her 13-year-old brother… 🙂

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