The two have become one ….

ImageThis past weekend we celebrated as our son Drew married his fiancé Huda, or for those on the inner circle #drudawedding.  I was so happy as the date was fast approaching.  We were honored that so many friends and family members travelled to celebrate this special day.  

There was so much love that went in to this celebration beyond the two getting married.  I was so honored to be included with the mother of the bride and the bridal party.  The bride, her bridal party, and family thought of every little detail as the girls got ready for the wedding so I am even more thankful our son got married first, a lot was to be learned before our daughters get married.  The guys have it a little easier, perhaps not less nervous/anxious but a hair and makeup team was not needed.  

The first sight of my daughter in law in her wedding gown had taken my breath away, so much so I had to leave the room and regroup. Thankfully I pulled it together for a pre-wedding photo, my daughters laughed saying they saw it coming.  Having a moment with my son before the wedding filled my heart with so much love and pride.  I thought it possible my heart could burst with love.

Walking down the isle with my husband was a prouder moment then I could have imagined.  Yes, more tears but my most precious moment before the ceremony was taking a moment to look at my son, as he saw his future wife walking down the isle, it was a moment I will never forget.

The newlyweds are off on their honeymoon, the families are getting back in to routine.  It has had me reflect on the reading Genesis 2:24 ~ “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.”  From this point forward his first priority is his bride.  It gives me great comfort knowing he will be a wonderful husband and his bride will be a wonderful wife.  

It’s a wonderful life and their love will only add to the beauty of it ~ and a few grandchildren wouldn’t hurt either 😉


Enjoying the role of “Mother of the Groom”

I’ve said it a lot over the past year, “I am the mother of the groom”, so there is not much to do.  I say this not because I lack enthusiasm but I am certain, the role of “Mother of the Bride” will be much more nerve wracking, and with two daughters that role will come.

Our son has been living in Ca., the past few years so having him “home” two weeks prior to the nuptials has made the wedding excitement so much fun!  I borrowed a few traditions that traditionally are for the brides, but as we know traditions change and grow.  We had fun shopping and filling his honeymoon suitcase with new attire.  We are hitting the salon for pedicures because no matter your gender grooming is important.  He has been patient with my just loving him.

I have had the pleasure of spoiling him with a few of his favorite meals, even doing his laundry has been a treat.  He has given me the gift of time to just be his mommy and let me indulge him.  This will be the last time he is home as just our son, soon he will be a husband, hopefully a father, such blessings.

So why he is checking off to do lists, I have no stress because I am the “Mother of the Groom”

The Traditions are a changing ….

ImageHappy Easter from The Beal Family!  ( wishing our daughter Meghan could be here today)  As our family is growing and evolving so our holiday traditions.  This was the first year in my children’s lives they did not get an Easter basket, hold your tears, the bunny decided to collaborate with Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors and deliver some spring wardrobe gifts.  The “kids” and parents were equally pleased.  

Today we colored our eggs on Easter, thought this will be fun one day when grandchildren bless our family to keep the fun going all day.  We attended mass together, one tradition no matter what country we are in that will not change.  We have a wedding in six days so a lot of last minute lists were updated, completed and a few more added.  We ate well but switched up the menu to a seafood extravaganza.  

Traditions are important, however, you can’t get crazy about it.  My favorite tradition is to have our family together, to laugh, to celebrate life, to share stories and our love.  We will not be physically together for every holiday or everyday living, so the gift is when we are together is to make the most of every moment, to create memories.






Half Marathon

Image Yesterday hubby and I enjoyed running a Half Marathon together.  He was a good sport in sticking with me, he has run multiple marathons and is a runner at heart and by nature.  The journey as “Empty Nesters In Training” was completing this together.  We enjoyed the tour of the Rutgers University Campus, were thankful for all the volunteers who cheered on the runners, gave water, gatorade, and those who were playing great music.  We earned our finishing medals, had many laughs, a few aches and pains along the way but enjoyed the journey together.

As our son takes a wife in under two weeks that is the best advice we can offer the newlyweds.  The institution of marriage is a never ending journey that will include, laughter, tears, aches & pains, love (hopefully an abundance of love), but it is a never ending journey that is meant to be travelled together.

We finished holding hands as our names were announced, laughing and smiling at 2:40:20 (pace 12:14) and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way!

Confessions from this stay at home mom ….

Confessions from this stay at home mom ….

Ok here goes a few things I do that I hope you can relate to, laugh at or just smile because you ride the guilty bus with me:

After the family is off for the day I go around and clean their toothbrushes to my satisfaction.
(obviously by doing this, they think they do a great job on their own ~ surprise when living on your own)

Some of the family has no problem reusing towels, I just can’t ~ so I wash theirs and hang them back up where they left them.

If I don’t open an email from my favorite designer, or store I do feel as if I saved money that day.

I love getting all the laundry done daily, especially having the items they wore the previous day before they awake ~ just ask the ones who return for a visit 🙂

I get great satisfaction in preparing their favorite meals

I look forward to my husband coming home from work and serving him his dinner #nevergetsold

I can not leave the house unless the beds are made, everything is in its place and the kitchen is clean ~ exception on Tuesdays when the cleaning people come 😉

I cry at commercials and almost every movie ~ convinced my mom has a hand in this from heaven #yearsofteasingher

I balance the bank accounts daily to the penny with my morning coffee

I can get more accomplished in an hour with company coming then some rainy days

I’d share more but I’m off to tennis, a whole other passion that has come in to my life

Makeup Challenged

Image Makeup is somewhat of a mystery of me.  I often admire those that wear it so well and have made a few attempts at the smokey eye and dramatic colors.  Unsuccessful sums it up.  I believe my inability lies in my discomfort of changing my whole look.

I am often amazed when in the gym locker room and see the transformation of the young and the old.  I think if you showed me a line up of the faces upon entering and leaving many I would not be able to put together.  I am not against makeup by any means but think it is best worn when enhancing features not sabotaging.  

This conundrum  is upon me as the wedding of my son is in a few weeks.  I want to have makeup on more dramatic then my usual mascara, blush and lip gloss but want to remain with a natural look.  I want to look elegant and not see a stranger in the mirror.



“I just want to be like the other kids” ~ says the youngest ………


This sentiment was said by my youngest last week, she is 17, no joke, I am still laughing.  She was asking for permission to do something she knew the answer to, no whining, no pouting, just the above mentioned sentiment.  So I laughed, kindly, and said what makes you think that now at 17 you would be granted permission to be like the other kids now?  Then I reminded her that I love my children much more then all the other parents love theirs ~ hold on, don’t get your knickers in a twist, it is a common response among moms.

It got me to thinking, we have two daughters and a son.  This house is not based on equality at all times, and can be sexist as well.  I believe at various times this benefits both sexes.  However, our love for all three is unconditional.  We encourage all three to pursue their passions, dreams and let them know we are always there for them.

I know someone who has kept a book since birth for each of their children and their expenses so they keep it even.  This had my NON-poker face contorted.  I can not imagine tabulating every penny and making sure distribution is even.  To each their own.

May they always make me laugh, be like the other kids, hahahahahah