My son – the groom to be

ImageThe wedding is quickly approaching and the excitement is running high.  As the mother of the groom, my roll in the wedding is easy.  The mommy in me looks at my son and I see the little boy who stole my heart on 12/9/84 and I see the man who loves his fiancé.  My dreams for him are his dreams to be fulfilled.   It is with a mothers love that my heart swells when I see the way his eyes light up when he sees his fiancé enter a room.  

I am so proud of the man he has grown in to and I know he will be a kind and loving husband.  He has a great role model to follow. He has accomplished so much and yet there is so much more that awaits him.   I hope he is blessed to become a Daddy, for him to understand the overwhelming love of parenthood. 

I can promise him a few things as the wedding day approaches, all the worry will be forgotten, yes your mother will be crying but those tears will be of love and happiness, anything that doesn’t go exactly  as planned will not matter.  I promise the moment you see your wife walk down the aisle you will be thankful to have had a photographer because everything else will be a blur.  You will always remember and cherish standing together taking your vows.


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