The Balancing Act

ImageLife is all about balance, simple enough.  When we are young we want to burn the candle at both ends with our friends.  As we mature we put an abundance of energy into careers to get ahead, in to our children so they can excel at everything.  The latest trick in our house is finding the balance between woking out, training, and injury.  

I was at the orthopedist yesterday from an injury that happened in July of last year.  He was pleased with the progress from my recent surgery and I shared how my husband now had a calf injury, he asked, “how old are you kids now?”.  Take a moment he did not ask how old our kids were, but us!  I replied 46 and 47 respectively.  He said it’s time we read the good book.  I joked and said The Bible?  He reminded me we met as he was our kids orthopedist and has become mine.  Told me of recent patients who just can’t let go of the competitive side of their training.  

He let me in on a secret that the new goal should be maintaining.  We can still enjoy the benefits of running, cycling, training, tennis but with a healthy dose of not approaching everything like we are still 20.  I smiled and said we understand but our egos have yet to catch up.  I agreed to stay on track with my healing from my surgery, not to overdo it and not to get frustrated.

Then I walked to the front desk for my six week check up, every step so painful,  because the day before I had a three hour workout!  



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