Not Preaching but enjoyed the Choir

It’s been awhile since I have had a few moments to write a complete thought. We were on a quick get away this weekend to Key West and had the privilege of attending The Basilica of Saint Mary Star of the Sea.  Now before you get all nervous that this is a catholic conversion rant it is not.  When we travel, whatever, the town, state, country or language we enjoy attending mass at the local Catholic church.  Yes it is our faith, but more then that you get to learn a lot about the community at mass.

Mass was full this past Sunday, the second Sunday of lent, we were greeted and offered a front row seat, perhaps he sensed we imbibed a bit much on Saturday night.  Either way we gladly accepted, we were able to view all that went in to the mass.  The children’s choir was AMAZING.  When I say this I will be honest, my mind does wander at mass, I do not enjoy all choirs or singing at church.  This mass, the priest, the deacon and the community were so tight, so welcoming and so joyous, it was a gift we stumbled upon the church Saturday night (back to imbibing).  

Anyway, not meaning to rant, no matter your faith, when you travel, allow yourself to take some time to visit the local church.  You will learn so much more about the people where you are visiting.  It is a gift to the community to donate to the parish and to take time to reflect upon the community.

That being said I’m not preaching, but if you find yourself in Key West, the 9am Sunday mass is well worth putting on your docket.  Then go to 2 cents (hidden treasure) popular spot with the locals, a hike for your flops, but cabs are everywhere.  You will not be sorry~



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