The F Word ~ let us chat about that

Well hello you naughty readers and for the rest of you, obviously you know I was talking about family.  We all have them, whether or not we are in touch, extremely close, or tolerant.  

I love my family, when I say this I currently refer to the family my husband and I have created and my soon to be DIL.  Once you are married your family becomes the circle of life you have created.  The family I grew up in I love as well, the family I married in to I equally love.  As we grow we realize family, love, and values are everywhere.  

I thrive on the ideals my husband and I had when we were first married.  If I compare the age we married to the ages of our children, well we married as babies.  Yes we were babies making babies, thankfully for us it worked well.  We never gut stuck in the rut of blaming our parents.  We took ownership for what we wanted, where we came from and our dreams for our children.

I can honestly say I get lost in our family unit.  I neglect my relationships with extended family, yes I admit it.  My fault lies within me not how I was raised.  So many people blame their parents for so many things, get over yourselves.  I love the hours, years we put in to our children, wanting the best for them and allowing them enough room to fall.  

It is unfortunate that it often takes a funeral, another F word, to gather us all together for love, laughter, and memories.  The stories we share, from different generations, and perspectives, that is the tie that binds  the family together.  We are all a work in progress, but do your best daily so when the double F’s get together – Family & Funeral, they will have great stories to share.



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