Don’t Worry, Be Happy, ……..(easier said then done for most)

The message this past Sunday at mass was, Don’t worry, be happy.  It is a simple message but really is sage advice.  As the priest explained this is not permission to go through life, lazy and without action for tomorrow.  We need to learn from our yesterdays as they have gotten us to today, but we can no longer change them so don’t worry about them.  Tomorrow is not a guarantee so why waste our today by filling it with worry.  Today we can embrace, we can choose happiness, to share our love, to make a difference, to make time for prayer and the miracles that are everywhere should we choose to see them.

When my children were babies my mother would say things to ease parenthood woes, such as; they won’t be sucking their thumb at the alter, they won’t wet the bed forever and if they do one day they won’t live at home.  She taught me to stop and take the time for the cuddles, to wipe tears, play in the puddles, and even laugh at the melt downs.  

Most often if we reflect back at what we remember to be the worse time of our lives, we can take away a valuable lesson, for those of faith have felt the love of God with you at those dark times.  

We all worry, we are human the goal is not to let it ruin your today.  Life is filled with change and challenges I’m certain we would be bored if it were not.  So I hope you wake today, you are filled with the promise and excitement that lies ahead of you.  I’m not talking about work, the list of chores, but the miracles that will be all around, the gifts before our eyes we often take for granted.

Be brave, have faith, on occasion turn off the GPS go down the untravelled road, turn away from all items with an on/off switch and look up at the sky, enjoy the sunrise, the sunsets, wildflowers on the roads, and sing that melody that Bobby McFerrin wrote for us in 1988, “Don’t worry, be happy, in every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double, don’t worry, be happy”Image


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