My son – the groom to be

ImageThe wedding is quickly approaching and the excitement is running high.  As the mother of the groom, my roll in the wedding is easy.  The mommy in me looks at my son and I see the little boy who stole my heart on 12/9/84 and I see the man who loves his fiancé.  My dreams for him are his dreams to be fulfilled.   It is with a mothers love that my heart swells when I see the way his eyes light up when he sees his fiancé enter a room.  

I am so proud of the man he has grown in to and I know he will be a kind and loving husband.  He has a great role model to follow. He has accomplished so much and yet there is so much more that awaits him.   I hope he is blessed to become a Daddy, for him to understand the overwhelming love of parenthood. 

I can promise him a few things as the wedding day approaches, all the worry will be forgotten, yes your mother will be crying but those tears will be of love and happiness, anything that doesn’t go exactly  as planned will not matter.  I promise the moment you see your wife walk down the aisle you will be thankful to have had a photographer because everything else will be a blur.  You will always remember and cherish standing together taking your vows.


The Balancing Act

ImageLife is all about balance, simple enough.  When we are young we want to burn the candle at both ends with our friends.  As we mature we put an abundance of energy into careers to get ahead, in to our children so they can excel at everything.  The latest trick in our house is finding the balance between woking out, training, and injury.  

I was at the orthopedist yesterday from an injury that happened in July of last year.  He was pleased with the progress from my recent surgery and I shared how my husband now had a calf injury, he asked, “how old are you kids now?”.  Take a moment he did not ask how old our kids were, but us!  I replied 46 and 47 respectively.  He said it’s time we read the good book.  I joked and said The Bible?  He reminded me we met as he was our kids orthopedist and has become mine.  Told me of recent patients who just can’t let go of the competitive side of their training.  

He let me in on a secret that the new goal should be maintaining.  We can still enjoy the benefits of running, cycling, training, tennis but with a healthy dose of not approaching everything like we are still 20.  I smiled and said we understand but our egos have yet to catch up.  I agreed to stay on track with my healing from my surgery, not to overdo it and not to get frustrated.

Then I walked to the front desk for my six week check up, every step so painful,  because the day before I had a three hour workout!  


Not Preaching but enjoyed the Choir

It’s been awhile since I have had a few moments to write a complete thought. We were on a quick get away this weekend to Key West and had the privilege of attending The Basilica of Saint Mary Star of the Sea.  Now before you get all nervous that this is a catholic conversion rant it is not.  When we travel, whatever, the town, state, country or language we enjoy attending mass at the local Catholic church.  Yes it is our faith, but more then that you get to learn a lot about the community at mass.

Mass was full this past Sunday, the second Sunday of lent, we were greeted and offered a front row seat, perhaps he sensed we imbibed a bit much on Saturday night.  Either way we gladly accepted, we were able to view all that went in to the mass.  The children’s choir was AMAZING.  When I say this I will be honest, my mind does wander at mass, I do not enjoy all choirs or singing at church.  This mass, the priest, the deacon and the community were so tight, so welcoming and so joyous, it was a gift we stumbled upon the church Saturday night (back to imbibing).  

Anyway, not meaning to rant, no matter your faith, when you travel, allow yourself to take some time to visit the local church.  You will learn so much more about the people where you are visiting.  It is a gift to the community to donate to the parish and to take time to reflect upon the community.

That being said I’m not preaching, but if you find yourself in Key West, the 9am Sunday mass is well worth putting on your docket.  Then go to 2 cents (hidden treasure) popular spot with the locals, a hike for your flops, but cabs are everywhere.  You will not be sorry~


The F Word ~ let us chat about that

Well hello you naughty readers and for the rest of you, obviously you know I was talking about family.  We all have them, whether or not we are in touch, extremely close, or tolerant.  

I love my family, when I say this I currently refer to the family my husband and I have created and my soon to be DIL.  Once you are married your family becomes the circle of life you have created.  The family I grew up in I love as well, the family I married in to I equally love.  As we grow we realize family, love, and values are everywhere.  

I thrive on the ideals my husband and I had when we were first married.  If I compare the age we married to the ages of our children, well we married as babies.  Yes we were babies making babies, thankfully for us it worked well.  We never gut stuck in the rut of blaming our parents.  We took ownership for what we wanted, where we came from and our dreams for our children.

I can honestly say I get lost in our family unit.  I neglect my relationships with extended family, yes I admit it.  My fault lies within me not how I was raised.  So many people blame their parents for so many things, get over yourselves.  I love the hours, years we put in to our children, wanting the best for them and allowing them enough room to fall.  

It is unfortunate that it often takes a funeral, another F word, to gather us all together for love, laughter, and memories.  The stories we share, from different generations, and perspectives, that is the tie that binds  the family together.  We are all a work in progress, but do your best daily so when the double F’s get together – Family & Funeral, they will have great stories to share.


How do I love thee – let me find the ability to count the ways

There was high awareness this week on NBC about loving the selfie.  It got me thinking, we love our families, friends, we are forgiving of so many and then we walk by a mirror, look at a photo and cringe.  

I’m taking on a challenge which will start with lent and I hope continues for a lifetime.  I am making a promise to myself to start each day reminding myself of all that I love about me.  I want to be thankful for the body that bore my children, I have earned my laugh lines and promise to laugh every day.  I believe that the more I love me, the more that love will radiate in to the world.  I want my children and husband to see themselves and love themselves through my eyes. 

I remember in younger days when I didn’t want to be in photo because my hair wasn’t done, or I felt fat, perhaps the wrong outfit.  All that got me was missing out in photos for generations of family.  Now I allow the pics that are not always perfect because neither am I but I love me just the same.

I vow to leave negativity with those that speak it, and will not allow them to bring me down.  This is not an unrealistic idea that every day will be filled with rainbows and unicorns.  It is a promise to me, to validate myself before I go out in the world where the only certainty is uncertainty.

In this ever changing world wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all took the time to start our day with a little love for thy self..Image

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, ……..(easier said then done for most)

The message this past Sunday at mass was, Don’t worry, be happy.  It is a simple message but really is sage advice.  As the priest explained this is not permission to go through life, lazy and without action for tomorrow.  We need to learn from our yesterdays as they have gotten us to today, but we can no longer change them so don’t worry about them.  Tomorrow is not a guarantee so why waste our today by filling it with worry.  Today we can embrace, we can choose happiness, to share our love, to make a difference, to make time for prayer and the miracles that are everywhere should we choose to see them.

When my children were babies my mother would say things to ease parenthood woes, such as; they won’t be sucking their thumb at the alter, they won’t wet the bed forever and if they do one day they won’t live at home.  She taught me to stop and take the time for the cuddles, to wipe tears, play in the puddles, and even laugh at the melt downs.  

Most often if we reflect back at what we remember to be the worse time of our lives, we can take away a valuable lesson, for those of faith have felt the love of God with you at those dark times.  

We all worry, we are human the goal is not to let it ruin your today.  Life is filled with change and challenges I’m certain we would be bored if it were not.  So I hope you wake today, you are filled with the promise and excitement that lies ahead of you.  I’m not talking about work, the list of chores, but the miracles that will be all around, the gifts before our eyes we often take for granted.

Be brave, have faith, on occasion turn off the GPS go down the untravelled road, turn away from all items with an on/off switch and look up at the sky, enjoy the sunrise, the sunsets, wildflowers on the roads, and sing that melody that Bobby McFerrin wrote for us in 1988, “Don’t worry, be happy, in every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double, don’t worry, be happy”Image