The Power of the Pen

In this day of technology, social media, email, text and being environmentally friendly we have lost the value of a handwritten letter.  Our parents, grandparents, great grandparents all remember the sentimental joy of getting a letter from their other half or someone of importance to them.  Watch an old movie, when a box is removed from the closet shelf, filled with cards, promises of love, high school love notes, the joy and passion show on the owners face.

I love to receive a handwritten note, whether a thank you or just correspondence.  It warms my heart to think someone thought enough of me to take the time to write me, share their thoughts, get postage and mail it.  We electronically correspond, which I am guilty of the ease and simplicity at times. There is a time and place for both.  My son is always famous for not giving cards as it is not environmentally friendly, I appreciate his opinion, however, I value all the notes and or cards he has sent me since he has been on his own.  

Just this week I came across a few letters from my husband, from early on in our marriage.  They bring tears to my eyes, as he wrote them when on the road, or flying, they are one of my greatest treasures.  I remember vividly the trips he was on, missing him, the anticipation to rip open the letters, read and re-read them.  I do enjoy a quick text daily to let me know he is thinking of me but they are deleted and not something tangible.

Today, I happenedImage to have the television on and Nicholas Sparks was on The Steve Harvey Show, he revealed that every year on their anniversary he gives a gift of a love letter.  They capture the previous year, sentiments of love, moments that make you smile, that were not caught on film, but forever in the heart.  So as they are married 24 years, his wife has a diary from her husband, his feelings, views the moments shared in their lifetime.  What a great history their children will have when their parents are no longer with them.

I will say one of my favorite gifts from my husband and children is as simple as a  card, printed, crafted or purchased, with a handwritten letter something that shows the love and reflects their feelings for me.  



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