Death happens …..

So you were brave enough to read this despite the title, good for you.  If you know a little bit about my outlook on life I’m an eternal optimist always looking for the bright side.  That being said lets face it, we are all dying.  The important part of life is living it.  I have buried both my parents and if I learned anything from them it was to enjoy the moment, your family, travel when you can, old age is not a guarantee.  So this had me at a mortality check point today.

I have told my husband my wishes are to be cremated.  I want those who survive me to occasionally take some of my ashes to their favorite places and mine and spread me out.  I want to be in all bodies of water, on top of mountains, in trails, wherever life takes them.  I use to fear cremation, my views have changed.  I visit my parents grave and it saddens me, when the cold winter has the ground so bare because it is not at their grave that I feel their love.  So as I visit them and talk, mostly out loud on my part, thru tears and heart wrenching sobs, it never gets easier.  My dad died prior to my 26th birthday, but he did get to meet my 2nd born, and my mom, my best friend died when I was just 39 so young to lose the most influential people in your life.  I feel their love everyday in the silliest of times, somber moments, when chatting with my children, they live on in my heart.

That being said, if possible I want an open casket, a fabulous dress, because we all know I love my dresses.  The most important message is I hope my children survive me and feel my love everywhere in their lives.  I want them to be in shock and think of me when they do or say something they swore they never would, because I did.  I pray they feel me in their lives, when they kiss their spouse, hug their babies, cry at silly commercials and or movies, they see me in their children and know I will be forever a guardian angel.

I’m not looking to enter the pearly gates any time soon, but the only certainty we have is uncertainty.  So kiss your loves tonight, hug them, tickle them, always forgive and go to bed with a happy heart, we never know when the good Lord will call us home.Image


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