The gig is up …..

Last week during a meeting I was asked my occupation, I hesitated, stay at home mom really no longer fits the bill, so I said homemaker.  The woman smiled at me, I smiled back lifted my chin and owned the title proudly.  I have not worked outside the home since shortly after our middle child was born.  

I had enjoyed my job, you know the one that earned a paycheck.  However, as our family started to grow I was ever so thankful we could afford my desire to stay home with them.  It was comforting for us as a couple to have one parent at home, for sickness, health, school activities, sports, play dates, and all the uncertainty that comes a long.  

Now with two out of the house, and the youngest off to college soon, I find myself exploring interests that I aways put second to the needs of my family.  I love to be able to make our house a home, the place at the end of the work day my husband wants to be.  When my husband comes home at night, dinner is ready, the house is clean and if he wore slippers I’d have them ready.  I look forward to sitting at the table and sharing our day.  

So my gig as stay at home mom might be up, but it’s ok.  I have a few things on the list to try, embrace, learn and achieve.  So get ready, because I have many shoes to try on and I look forward to each and every pair! 






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