Pet peeves …. I’ve got a few

In no particular order there are some things that grate on my nerves. We all have them, here are a few of mine on this snow day;

Smoking outside of a health facility or a hospital – especially the patient!
Customer service or the lack there of – no eye contact from people you are dealing directly with.
Social media posts asking about the weather, peeps you are on the internet look it up.
The inability to read without my glasses yet I can dust and any item on the floor no matter how small.
Trash piled and balanced, with the energy it takes for that just take the trash out.
The need for praise for doing the obvious – great job genius.
That driver in the left lane who doesn’t seem to notice EVERYONE passing them on the right.
Negativity, whiners you know the “Debbie Downers” of the world – if you think your life is that bad do something for someone really in need you will get over yourself.

There are so many more but life is too short to let them bother me – life’s best revenge is to smile and wave at the angry!


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