World Marriage Day

What a beautiful week prior to Valentines Day.  A week to celebrate marriage, with the second Sunday of February being World Marriage Day.  Three weeks prior to our 23rd wedding anniversary my husband and I were blessed to attend mass at our parish today and renew our vows, with our fellow parishioners.  Our Pastor is wonderfully animated, yet sincere, sharing with us the longest married couple in our parish has been married 72 years!  He blessed us all, and congratulated all who were still married for being able to commit to the promise of our vows.  We had a mass filled with engaged couples, newlyweds and many decades of matrimony.

He made some jokes on who has never had a fight, offered reconciliation to any who raised there hands.  He gave us all things to reflect upon, an even allowed us to kiss each other after renewing our vows for those who wanted to.  We kissed!

As we approach our 23rd anniversary, life is better then good.  We have experienced enough to be thankful to want to kiss each other good morning and good night.  I am thankful for our faith, our love, and our family and that is the order of priority that works best for us.






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