Olympic Games

The torch has been lit and the games are underway.  As a proud citizen of the USA I cheer on our athletes and never tire of hearing the National Anthem.  I am inspired by their personal stories and how they became olympians.  My heart aches for US freeskier Maggie Voisin as she was injured in training.  I admire her for standing and walking during the open ceremonies.

I have been reading about how to get your family involved in the spirit of the games, from meals, to games and medal ceremonies.  I was thinking this am perhaps they are already in the spirit and far ahead of me in medaling on day two.  I gather the laundry, due to the amounts and the odor I am certain they have been training long hours at the gym.  I have been cooking up a storm and each day the food is gone so they are eating like Olympians.  They have the uncanny ability to sleep in when given the chance, so they are resting their bodies like Olympians.  

I can only hope when given the chance they remember to give me thanks for getting them where they are and telling some moment that will bring those listening to tears.  That being sad I mean tears of joy not laughing hysterically at me.


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