Valentine’s Day ~ avoid the Massacre

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching …. some of us are excited, some of us are dreading it, and for the lucky bunch its the 365th day of the year we share our love with the one we love.

The dating world is by far the most affected by this date.  If the man does not go over and above and shower his love with flowers, chocolate and an amazing night he is most likely in the dog house.  This statement is true even if the woman says please don’t get me chocolate, I’m sticking to my New Years resolution: no chocolate = do you think I’m fat?  If in conversation she says flowers are not necessary and everyone else at the office gets them, she will be embarrassed and will sulk all day.  Dinner reservations often result in long lines, menus that are set and overpriced.  These young loves have it tough.

The relationships that have hung on, some to long and those that love each other but have become stale, the ones that don’t start and end a day with I Love You, they are the target for the holiday.  They have made Valentine’s Day an obligation of love, the day you should purchase the long stem roses, make reservations at “that” restaurant they go through the motions but not the sentiment.  They might even it the jewelers to keep everyone happy.  This presentation on the surface looks great but lacks substance.

Then you have the happily married, committed, lovers, the lucky bunch who shower their love daily.  The gifts the give are kisses, saying and meaning I Love You, making coffee/tea for their love, filling their gas tank, putting soap in the shower, replacing the toilet paper roll, yes they still send flowers, make dinner reservations, visit the jewelers,  but more often on any other day.  They are secure in the bliss of love and the meaning of giving your heart.

I like to think back when money was tough, but not our abundance of love, the picnics indoor or out, dates at home with a flower or two, wine/champagne, movies and snacks but most of all the greatest gift the laughter, love and smiles that created a opened the story for lifetime of love

So this Valentine’s Day, I wish you a day filled with love, but more more importantly I hope the other 364 days are jam packed with it!Image


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