The Power of the Pen

In this day of technology, social media, email, text and being environmentally friendly we have lost the value of a handwritten letter.  Our parents, grandparents, great grandparents all remember the sentimental joy of getting a letter from their other half or someone of importance to them.  Watch an old movie, when a box is removed from the closet shelf, filled with cards, promises of love, high school love notes, the joy and passion show on the owners face.

I love to receive a handwritten note, whether a thank you or just correspondence.  It warms my heart to think someone thought enough of me to take the time to write me, share their thoughts, get postage and mail it.  We electronically correspond, which I am guilty of the ease and simplicity at times. There is a time and place for both.  My son is always famous for not giving cards as it is not environmentally friendly, I appreciate his opinion, however, I value all the notes and or cards he has sent me since he has been on his own.  

Just this week I came across a few letters from my husband, from early on in our marriage.  They bring tears to my eyes, as he wrote them when on the road, or flying, they are one of my greatest treasures.  I remember vividly the trips he was on, missing him, the anticipation to rip open the letters, read and re-read them.  I do enjoy a quick text daily to let me know he is thinking of me but they are deleted and not something tangible.

Today, I happenedImage to have the television on and Nicholas Sparks was on The Steve Harvey Show, he revealed that every year on their anniversary he gives a gift of a love letter.  They capture the previous year, sentiments of love, moments that make you smile, that were not caught on film, but forever in the heart.  So as they are married 24 years, his wife has a diary from her husband, his feelings, views the moments shared in their lifetime.  What a great history their children will have when their parents are no longer with them.

I will say one of my favorite gifts from my husband and children is as simple as a  card, printed, crafted or purchased, with a handwritten letter something that shows the love and reflects their feelings for me.  



Death happens …..

So you were brave enough to read this despite the title, good for you.  If you know a little bit about my outlook on life I’m an eternal optimist always looking for the bright side.  That being said lets face it, we are all dying.  The important part of life is living it.  I have buried both my parents and if I learned anything from them it was to enjoy the moment, your family, travel when you can, old age is not a guarantee.  So this had me at a mortality check point today.

I have told my husband my wishes are to be cremated.  I want those who survive me to occasionally take some of my ashes to their favorite places and mine and spread me out.  I want to be in all bodies of water, on top of mountains, in trails, wherever life takes them.  I use to fear cremation, my views have changed.  I visit my parents grave and it saddens me, when the cold winter has the ground so bare because it is not at their grave that I feel their love.  So as I visit them and talk, mostly out loud on my part, thru tears and heart wrenching sobs, it never gets easier.  My dad died prior to my 26th birthday, but he did get to meet my 2nd born, and my mom, my best friend died when I was just 39 so young to lose the most influential people in your life.  I feel their love everyday in the silliest of times, somber moments, when chatting with my children, they live on in my heart.

That being said, if possible I want an open casket, a fabulous dress, because we all know I love my dresses.  The most important message is I hope my children survive me and feel my love everywhere in their lives.  I want them to be in shock and think of me when they do or say something they swore they never would, because I did.  I pray they feel me in their lives, when they kiss their spouse, hug their babies, cry at silly commercials and or movies, they see me in their children and know I will be forever a guardian angel.

I’m not looking to enter the pearly gates any time soon, but the only certainty we have is uncertainty.  So kiss your loves tonight, hug them, tickle them, always forgive and go to bed with a happy heart, we never know when the good Lord will call us home.Image

The gig is up …..

Last week during a meeting I was asked my occupation, I hesitated, stay at home mom really no longer fits the bill, so I said homemaker.  The woman smiled at me, I smiled back lifted my chin and owned the title proudly.  I have not worked outside the home since shortly after our middle child was born.  

I had enjoyed my job, you know the one that earned a paycheck.  However, as our family started to grow I was ever so thankful we could afford my desire to stay home with them.  It was comforting for us as a couple to have one parent at home, for sickness, health, school activities, sports, play dates, and all the uncertainty that comes a long.  

Now with two out of the house, and the youngest off to college soon, I find myself exploring interests that I aways put second to the needs of my family.  I love to be able to make our house a home, the place at the end of the work day my husband wants to be.  When my husband comes home at night, dinner is ready, the house is clean and if he wore slippers I’d have them ready.  I look forward to sitting at the table and sharing our day.  

So my gig as stay at home mom might be up, but it’s ok.  I have a few things on the list to try, embrace, learn and achieve.  So get ready, because I have many shoes to try on and I look forward to each and every pair! 





Pet peeves …. I’ve got a few

In no particular order there are some things that grate on my nerves. We all have them, here are a few of mine on this snow day;

Smoking outside of a health facility or a hospital – especially the patient!
Customer service or the lack there of – no eye contact from people you are dealing directly with.
Social media posts asking about the weather, peeps you are on the internet look it up.
The inability to read without my glasses yet I can dust and any item on the floor no matter how small.
Trash piled and balanced, with the energy it takes for that just take the trash out.
The need for praise for doing the obvious – great job genius.
That driver in the left lane who doesn’t seem to notice EVERYONE passing them on the right.
Negativity, whiners you know the “Debbie Downers” of the world – if you think your life is that bad do something for someone really in need you will get over yourself.

There are so many more but life is too short to let them bother me – life’s best revenge is to smile and wave at the angry!

World Marriage Day

What a beautiful week prior to Valentines Day.  A week to celebrate marriage, with the second Sunday of February being World Marriage Day.  Three weeks prior to our 23rd wedding anniversary my husband and I were blessed to attend mass at our parish today and renew our vows, with our fellow parishioners.  Our Pastor is wonderfully animated, yet sincere, sharing with us the longest married couple in our parish has been married 72 years!  He blessed us all, and congratulated all who were still married for being able to commit to the promise of our vows.  We had a mass filled with engaged couples, newlyweds and many decades of matrimony.

He made some jokes on who has never had a fight, offered reconciliation to any who raised there hands.  He gave us all things to reflect upon, an even allowed us to kiss each other after renewing our vows for those who wanted to.  We kissed!

As we approach our 23rd anniversary, life is better then good.  We have experienced enough to be thankful to want to kiss each other good morning and good night.  I am thankful for our faith, our love, and our family and that is the order of priority that works best for us.





Olympic Games

The torch has been lit and the games are underway.  As a proud citizen of the USA I cheer on our athletes and never tire of hearing the National Anthem.  I am inspired by their personal stories and how they became olympians.  My heart aches for US freeskier Maggie Voisin as she was injured in training.  I admire her for standing and walking during the open ceremonies.

I have been reading about how to get your family involved in the spirit of the games, from meals, to games and medal ceremonies.  I was thinking this am perhaps they are already in the spirit and far ahead of me in medaling on day two.  I gather the laundry, due to the amounts and the odor I am certain they have been training long hours at the gym.  I have been cooking up a storm and each day the food is gone so they are eating like Olympians.  They have the uncanny ability to sleep in when given the chance, so they are resting their bodies like Olympians.  

I can only hope when given the chance they remember to give me thanks for getting them where they are and telling some moment that will bring those listening to tears.  That being sad I mean tears of joy not laughing hysterically at me.

Valentine’s Day ~ avoid the Massacre

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching …. some of us are excited, some of us are dreading it, and for the lucky bunch its the 365th day of the year we share our love with the one we love.

The dating world is by far the most affected by this date.  If the man does not go over and above and shower his love with flowers, chocolate and an amazing night he is most likely in the dog house.  This statement is true even if the woman says please don’t get me chocolate, I’m sticking to my New Years resolution: no chocolate = do you think I’m fat?  If in conversation she says flowers are not necessary and everyone else at the office gets them, she will be embarrassed and will sulk all day.  Dinner reservations often result in long lines, menus that are set and overpriced.  These young loves have it tough.

The relationships that have hung on, some to long and those that love each other but have become stale, the ones that don’t start and end a day with I Love You, they are the target for the holiday.  They have made Valentine’s Day an obligation of love, the day you should purchase the long stem roses, make reservations at “that” restaurant they go through the motions but not the sentiment.  They might even it the jewelers to keep everyone happy.  This presentation on the surface looks great but lacks substance.

Then you have the happily married, committed, lovers, the lucky bunch who shower their love daily.  The gifts the give are kisses, saying and meaning I Love You, making coffee/tea for their love, filling their gas tank, putting soap in the shower, replacing the toilet paper roll, yes they still send flowers, make dinner reservations, visit the jewelers,  but more often on any other day.  They are secure in the bliss of love and the meaning of giving your heart.

I like to think back when money was tough, but not our abundance of love, the picnics indoor or out, dates at home with a flower or two, wine/champagne, movies and snacks but most of all the greatest gift the laughter, love and smiles that created a opened the story for lifetime of love

So this Valentine’s Day, I wish you a day filled with love, but more more importantly I hope the other 364 days are jam packed with it!Image