Are you calling me a crybaby?

My kids might say that I’m a baby, well, in birth order I am. I grew up as the baby, the youngest of three. My parents might have spoiled me, but I believe all kids are spoiled in a sense. We are all born into an evolving family, constantly changing as it grows.

In my forties I have the uncanny ability to cry at commercials, the news, happiness, joy and just about anything. I cry thinking of how much I love my children, my husband and our life. It’s a cleansing these tears, they give me comfort. Today, we would call it karma, on how I teased my mom for crying while viewing Little House on the Prairie, or just about anything. I would roll my eyes at my mom, giggling while curled up next to her on the sofa. My memories of her crying at this or that are deep rooted in my soul, as the baby of the family I had the great pleasure of comforting her. Don’t get me wrong we laughed much more then we cried.

Little did I know then she was gifting me the ability of emotion. It’s cool she also gave me the gift to fight for what I believe in, to fight for those I love, empathy for family and strangers. Please no worries peeps my Italian father shared a whole different way to share my feelings! 👍😎


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