Optimist or Pessimist

Most of us know immediately who we are, almost as if it is on our birth certificate. Being an optimist is a great feeling, it is not a guarantee of life without sadness, pain or tragedy but the ability to turn our frown upside down. Thanks , not a phrase I created, but enjoy living by it. My heart occasionally aches for the pessimists of the world and I wonder when will they feel the need for joy. I would not trade my darkest days on this earth, for they have provided me with the ability to smile at my average days and truly embrace the joyous ones. Happiness and optimism I believe go hand in hand are enjoyed best with loving oneself and faith does not hurt.

Optimism = it’s as simple as opening your eyes, giving thanks that you did!, love yourself and all your flaws, and give thanks to a greater being/presence/God for allowing you to open your eyes another day. As a true optimist I have days I cry like a baby, then I cry harder to have suffered losses that lead me to appreciate the smallest of gifts!




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