Control freak – not me 😏

I’m not a control freak, I just like things done my way. Some people are blessed with the ability to let things be as they may, yes I refer to them as lazy. In my eyes they are living without structure, organization and lists! I have a very difficult time accepting help, especially in “my” kitchen. Everyone is welcome to pull up a plate and eat ~ just don’t touch my stuff! God happens to be a practical joker, so as I had surgery this past week I am unable to use my left arm/hand for the next few weeks, the reality of needing help is quite evident across the board. This has required me to learn to ask for help, even in the kitchen! My family is loving and laughing at my having to ask for assistance. I’m learning it’s nice to have them to help.

OK, I’m counting down the weeks until I can do it all – I might have a bit of a control issue!


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