Age is just a number

There are those of us who have great anxiety over a certain birthday and those that don’t.  When I am asked how old I am I have to stop to think and this is not due to embarrassment or shame, I just never think of my age.  We went to a bar this weekend that was running a benefit for Parkinson’s disease.  The event started in the afternoon, this should be a clue that the patrons would be on the older side.  When a band that we used to see a lot in our dating years got up to sing, we enjoyed the energy and were singing along.  Then the shocker came, they announced they had been playing for 34 years.  My mind was wondering how this was possible, thinking we saw them when they first started.  Then came the zinger, they started in 1980.  Hubby and I looked at each other in shock that was 34 years ago.  There were a few moments of confusion,  mathamatical calculation and then we just enjoyed the music.

After all life is like a jukebox, enjoy all the melodies and remember to dance like nobody is watching!


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