A funny thing happened after the alter…

I remember vividly our wedding day, the dreams, hopes and plans we had. I recall the excitement and promise of “Mr. & Mrs.” and the way we felt we would leave our mark in the world. We were confident almost adamant about certain things we would do different then our parents. We were young, we knew it all.

Twenty plus years later, I giggle on how we have grown in to our roots while defining our style. I cringe when I hear phrases my parents said, come out if my mouth, that I SWORE I would never say and yet that turned out to be sage advice. Other days I’m certain if my parents could sneak a peek from heaven they would laugh and shake their heads.

The best part is as we approach being empty nesters, I still feel like a newlywed, everyday is a new beginning but carries over our faith, love and commitment to one another and our family. It’s a helluva life – enjoy the ride!!!



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