Job well done

Today was a great look in to the crystal ball of life, the one you dream about when your child is born.  Today I flew from NJ to Texas for my first visit to see where our daughter has decided to call home.  As the plane landed I text her to confirm all was good, she was swamped, POD delivery, verizon set up, upackers etc… ( song in my head: “Cat’s In The Cradle”)  I called as we were close she ran out to meet me, explained all going on and gave me the tour.  She had already accomplished so much and had her lists and was completely at ease in her role as a young woman on her own.  

I know I have been focusing on our middle child, but really for all you out there you have heard about middle child syndrome! lol only kidding ~ just at this point in this week she has put the earth on its axis!

I’m not saying my kids are perfect, but we have given them the gift to see the glass half full.  The comfort to stumble, fall, get up and try again, to know we always have their back and best interest.  When I get back to NJ I plan on raising a glass with my better half and saying so far so good, our job well done!


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