Afternoon Delight

Well now that I have your attention, let me share.  I love Mondays, the organization, structure and all things positive moving forward.  My first delight was I worked out mid day only to share a few stolen moments with the love of my life!  Yes, he never ceases to amaze me and just being in the gym together warmed my heart.  Should we have any newlyweds reading this, it is important to enjoy the “free” things in life, sunrise, sunsets, time together, kisses, holding hands etc…  Later in the day, the tears and worries that just a few days ago seemed so heavy burst into a kaleidoscope of promise!  Meghan called us from her new home in Texas, over the moon.   She was elated with her place, her new town and already off conquering  what needs to be done before she beings work.  When we started this marriage we vowed our love and promise of the future and what a blessing it is to have three children to carry on to the next generation.  Hey Mark, next afternoon rendezvous I won’t blog about ~ after all we are empty nesters in training! 


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