Smart Phones ~ replacement of the umbilical cord

Last night with tired eyes from a tearful goodbye, I snuggled on the couch with my better half.  We were enjoying  NFL Wild Card games, wine and I had my cell close by awaiting any word from our girl who flew the coop.  We headed off to bed, we being the operative word, the two of us and my cell phone.  I had been tweeting out to the universe wishing her well and anxiously awaiting any update.  It was when I was brushing my teeth that I started to laugh realizing the technology of smart phones has replaced the umbilical cord.  Thankfully no matter where our children are, we can check in with a quick text, phone call, face time, snap chat, tweet, to stay in touch.  My text from Tennessee this morning was a delight!  


3 thoughts on “Smart Phones ~ replacement of the umbilical cord”

  1. So true. I remember back when I was just out of college and at home cable internet was becoming available. There was this commericial in a girl in her dorm room video chatting with her mom. Only she was sticking her tongue out and saying “ahh” while her mom was inspecting her sore throat. I still to this day do this with my mom! Much easier now for her to diagnose with Face Time!

  2. And so many commenters on my blog insist that my mother is right about texts being “impersonal.” See how wrong they can be!

    I believe that communication is the key to a functional, happy society — whatever form that communication may take.

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