The Host vs The Hype

So most of you have heard the battle between NY and NJ over who is hosting the Super Bowl.  Living in  NJ  I’m partial and side with we are hosting.  It is true two NY teams play at the MetLife stadium located in East Rutherford NJ, however neither of those teams made it.  

That being said  I give NYC a big thumbs up on the Hype.  I had the opportunity to experience Super Bowl Blvd., last night in NYC.  Lets face it nobody quite gets a party going like the big apple.  The streets were filled, Kevin Bacon was performing live on 39th St., we had the fun of the Toboggan run, so many activities going on everywhere you turned, all a blast!

ImageAs game day approaches you will not find me anywhere near the stadium, I will be enjoying the game on TV, a fire,  and look forward to some fun commercials, that have not been leaked early.  Hope for an amazing game!


Are you calling me a crybaby?

My kids might say that I’m a baby, well, in birth order I am. I grew up as the baby, the youngest of three. My parents might have spoiled me, but I believe all kids are spoiled in a sense. We are all born into an evolving family, constantly changing as it grows.

In my forties I have the uncanny ability to cry at commercials, the news, happiness, joy and just about anything. I cry thinking of how much I love my children, my husband and our life. It’s a cleansing these tears, they give me comfort. Today, we would call it karma, on how I teased my mom for crying while viewing Little House on the Prairie, or just about anything. I would roll my eyes at my mom, giggling while curled up next to her on the sofa. My memories of her crying at this or that are deep rooted in my soul, as the baby of the family I had the great pleasure of comforting her. Don’t get me wrong we laughed much more then we cried.

Little did I know then she was gifting me the ability of emotion. It’s cool she also gave me the gift to fight for what I believe in, to fight for those I love, empathy for family and strangers. Please no worries peeps my Italian father shared a whole different way to share my feelings! 👍😎

Optimist or Pessimist

Most of us know immediately who we are, almost as if it is on our birth certificate. Being an optimist is a great feeling, it is not a guarantee of life without sadness, pain or tragedy but the ability to turn our frown upside down. Thanks , not a phrase I created, but enjoy living by it. My heart occasionally aches for the pessimists of the world and I wonder when will they feel the need for joy. I would not trade my darkest days on this earth, for they have provided me with the ability to smile at my average days and truly embrace the joyous ones. Happiness and optimism I believe go hand in hand are enjoyed best with loving oneself and faith does not hurt.

Optimism = it’s as simple as opening your eyes, giving thanks that you did!, love yourself and all your flaws, and give thanks to a greater being/presence/God for allowing you to open your eyes another day. As a true optimist I have days I cry like a baby, then I cry harder to have suffered losses that lead me to appreciate the smallest of gifts!



Control freak – not me 😏

I’m not a control freak, I just like things done my way. Some people are blessed with the ability to let things be as they may, yes I refer to them as lazy. In my eyes they are living without structure, organization and lists! I have a very difficult time accepting help, especially in “my” kitchen. Everyone is welcome to pull up a plate and eat ~ just don’t touch my stuff! God happens to be a practical joker, so as I had surgery this past week I am unable to use my left arm/hand for the next few weeks, the reality of needing help is quite evident across the board. This has required me to learn to ask for help, even in the kitchen! My family is loving and laughing at my having to ask for assistance. I’m learning it’s nice to have them to help.

OK, I’m counting down the weeks until I can do it all – I might have a bit of a control issue!

Age is just a number

There are those of us who have great anxiety over a certain birthday and those that don’t.  When I am asked how old I am I have to stop to think and this is not due to embarrassment or shame, I just never think of my age.  We went to a bar this weekend that was running a benefit for Parkinson’s disease.  The event started in the afternoon, this should be a clue that the patrons would be on the older side.  When a band that we used to see a lot in our dating years got up to sing, we enjoyed the energy and were singing along.  Then the shocker came, they announced they had been playing for 34 years.  My mind was wondering how this was possible, thinking we saw them when they first started.  Then came the zinger, they started in 1980.  Hubby and I looked at each other in shock that was 34 years ago.  There were a few moments of confusion,  mathamatical calculation and then we just enjoyed the music.

After all life is like a jukebox, enjoy all the melodies and remember to dance like nobody is watching!

A funny thing happened after the alter…

I remember vividly our wedding day, the dreams, hopes and plans we had. I recall the excitement and promise of “Mr. & Mrs.” and the way we felt we would leave our mark in the world. We were confident almost adamant about certain things we would do different then our parents. We were young, we knew it all.

Twenty plus years later, I giggle on how we have grown in to our roots while defining our style. I cringe when I hear phrases my parents said, come out if my mouth, that I SWORE I would never say and yet that turned out to be sage advice. Other days I’m certain if my parents could sneak a peek from heaven they would laugh and shake their heads.

The best part is as we approach being empty nesters, I still feel like a newlywed, everyday is a new beginning but carries over our faith, love and commitment to one another and our family. It’s a helluva life – enjoy the ride!!!


Out of Sight ~ never out of mind

A parents job is life long, never ends, no time off and if we are lucky we will enjoy a legacy of of generations to follow.  That being said, I have had a few days in Texas with the middle child, all has been fun, busy and exciting. Today she went to work and I awaited for washer/dryer delivery.  The moment she left, I realized I didn’t know where she was going, her employers name, number and my heart began to race.  She thought she would be there for 45 minutes, well four hours later she phoned to say she was ok and the day went well.  I’m not going to lie, heart palpation’s were in full effect.  After her call, I realized we always wonder, worry and look forward to hear from our oldest, he has been out of the nest for a while now.  The difference is we await with anticipation, say prayers on his behalf, but not being under our roof the worry is different.  It is with a tearful smile I do realize my time here was well spent and it is time to go home.  After all, we have one little bird in the nest who needs looking after.  

The gold lining here is, our kids are a gift we cherish, the blessing along the way is we nurtured our marriage, friendship and love along the way.  I can’t wait to get home to my place along side my love, spouse and best friend in the world.